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The best personal trainers and fitness experts from around the world

At Possible we want to make people healthier and the best way to get motivated and fit is with your own personal coach. Personal trainers, fitness experts and wellness coaches have been providing one to one real human experiences that are fun and exciting. We didn't want to create another computer based or pre recorded programme. Possible is an app to connect people with real people, the best personal trainers in their area. Find a coach, make a connection and start your transformation.

Mobile Features

Select your tags
Select your tags to help us match a coach to you, try weight loss, high intensity training, body transformation, rehabilitation, functional training, cross training, sports, yoga and more.
Mobile messaging
Connect with your trainer and use the mobile app to get messages and notifications directly from with the app
Personal trainer and fitness expert profile
Qualified Professionals
Have the confidence of qualified and elite personal trainers and fitness experts matched to you based on your goals and preferences
Possible Community
Be part of the latest global fitness community, where fitness experts and fitness enthusiast come together to share, motivate and get fit.
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Made for Personal Trainers and fitness professionals 

At Possible we are dedicated to finding the best way to help personal trainers and fitness experts find new customers and retain their current clients.  Our mobile app will help improve communication, save time and provide more motivation to your customers to get fit.  Forget the old online personal trainer directories,  the majority of all new leads will be generated on mobile.  So whatever type of fitness expert you are from yoga to wellness register now and get your mobile profile setup before the app launches.
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Find a personal trainer
Once you select your tags and preferences you can see the top personal trainers and fitness experts in your area
Connect with the trainer that best fits your goals and training needs.  Send them a message, ask rates and availability
Book an appointment
Once you have connected with your expert, organise your next appointment, group sessions and private one to ones.

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Possible App is launched first in Australia but is now coming to other countries around the world in 2019.  We are still taking registrations from top personal trainers and fitness professionals.  These can now be done by registering in the mobile app, going to Settings, and selecting Apply to be a fitness professional.  Please read our article on how to us Possible - find a personal trainer app.
Download from the Apple App Store on iOS
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