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10 Reasons why exercising while pregnant is a MUST

10 Reasons Why Exercising While Pregnant Is A MUST

Many people mistakenly assume that pregnant women should curb physical activity and concentrate on growing their little human. Experts and scientists believe otherwise and encourage women to regularly perform a set of pre-natal exercises that won’t strain their bodies. Regular exercise during pregnancy can also make the whole experience more comfortable. With this in mind, it can still be a little draughting heading to the gym with a pregnant belly. So, to really sell it to you, I have come up with my top 10 reasons why you should get yourself and the little Bub to the gym:

  1. You’ll Keep the Weight at Bay

    You need to gain some weight to remain healthy during your pregnancy and will lose those excess kilos after your baby has arrived. Regular exercise will ensure you don’t gain more than you need to remain healthy during this period. Research and studies indicate that pregnant women who exercise are likely to add on 4 kgs less than women who don’t exercise.

  2. The Big Day Will Be a Little Easier

    Research and surveys indicate that women who exercise and maintain good cardiovascular health have an easier time with labour and delivery. You will have more strength and stamina to push and get through the rigours of labour if your body is accustomed to a little strain. Studies have also shown that women who perform prenatal water aerobics are less likely to request pain medication.

  3. You Will Lower Your Chances Of Gestational Diabetes By Up To 27%

    Gestational diabetes is a risk for every pregnant woman. If you have high blood sugar during your pregnancy, you’re at risk and may even develop type II diabetes within 10 years of your delivery. High blood sugar can also lead to premature birth or an overweight baby. Regular exercise may help prevent this and even if you do develop it, exercise may help you avoid insulin shots and such medications.

  4. Keep Those Moods Under Control

    For the record, I cannot make any promises here. Fluctuations in hormone levels, the strain of pregnancy, and other similar problems will have an impact on your mood no matter what. But, regular exercise will activate the reward system in your body and give you a rush of energy. You won’t just be in a better mood immediately after your workout, but also throughout your pregnancy. Regular workouts designed specifically for pregnant women will keep both your body and mind healthy.

  5. You Can Do It, Put Your Back Into It

    Back pain is a common ailment among pregnant women. Surveys indicate that regular exercises like yoga, water workouts, and pelvic tilts, etc. can help relieve some of the pain and make your body a little more flexible. This is especially useful during the second half of your pregnancy because you have considerable pressure on your back with the baby’s weight and development.

  6. You’ll Have More Energy

    It’s not uncommon for women to feel dull and tired at some point during their pregnancy. While you might feel like lounging in bed for the entire day, you won’t feel any more energetic after a rest. Even something as simple as a 10-minute stroll through the backyard or nearby park will refresh your mind and reenergise your body.

  7. Delivery May Be Less… Messy

    Researchers have determined that women who exercise regularly during their pregnancy are 75% less likely to require a forceps delivery. They’re also 4 times less likely to require a C-Section and their chances of requiring an episiotomy are diminished by 55%. If you want a relatively easy natural birth, jump into the Pummel App, filter by ‘Pre-Post Natal’ and get exercising.

  8. You’ll Feel Better About Yourself

    Lets be honest, many women become insecure about their body during pregnancy. The best way to combat this is to workout. As mentioned before, workouts elevate your mood and trigger the body’s reward system. Exercise will also help you feel better about yourself and have a more positive body image. You’ll also receive positive attention and encouragement from that gals’ at the gym, and actually believe people when they comment on that pregnancy glow.

  9. You May Be Less Prone To Morning Sickness

    Morning sickness is one of the most well-known symptoms of pregnancy and in many cases, it’s unavoidable. While you might not be inclined to exercise when you feel nauseous, I encourage you to step out and try something regardless. Exercise will distract you from your nausea and simply leaving the house will help you feel better.

  10. You’ll Bounce Back Better After Delivery

    You’ll be better equipped to handle the demands of motherhood and will be healthier in general after delivery if you exercise while you’re pregnant. You’ll find it easier to shed weight, remain active, and avoid post-partum depression. You will also feel ready for the onslaught of guests coming to visit your little miracle.

Now, as beneficial as exercise during pregnancy is, it is important that you don’t over-do it. If you’re looking for someone to guide you through, get in contact with a professional Pummel trainer with pre-post natal expertise, who will understand the limits of your body, and show the specific exercises you need to stay fit while pregnant. Finally talk to your doctor, midwife or a physiotherapist and understand your limitations.

To find a pre-post natal personal trainer, just download the Pummel app in the Apple iTunes or Android Google Play stores Download here. Find the perfect trainer for you and start logging fitness selfies to see your transformation.


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