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10 ways to find new personal trainer clients

If you want to score new clients and you’re a dude, I could tell you to show off those rippling arms, and if you’re a woman then keep up the squats. But, surprisingly (Oh the sarcasm!) the truth is that most people just want a PT that gets results and isn’t going to make you cry (a few tears is fine but only if you can claim it’s sweat).

Social Media

Now that it’s 2017, everyone’s bragging about their resolutions and “New Year, new me” goals on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest (…is Foursquare still a thing?) so the perfect place to be noticed is online. Before there was Google there was the YellowPages, but now there are hashtags. For more in-depth tips on owning your social media head to our post – The 10 Essential Facebook Marketing Tips for Personal Trainers.


There are two ways to use incentives to boost your client numbers. The first is to incentivise people who are trying your services. Melissa, our head trainer from Geelong says, ‘offering some kind of trial works really well because they almost always love it enough to continue’. You can offer discounts of bulk session purchases, or a loyalty program or even connect them with protein products, workout gear, and other likeminded fitness freaks. The other way is to incentivise current clients to refer newbies. For every client they refer, chuck them a $15 discount on their next session. For every 5 clients they refer, give them a freebie. People will go to all sorts of lengths for free stuff. God knows I would.

Get results

I said it at the beginning, and I’ll say it again. I might even say it once more at the end. People want results. Get results and people will notice. “Hey, you’re looking good!” “What’s your secret?” “Wow you look fantastic….” That last one usually comes from an ex who is questioning their life choices after seeing you looking like you suddenly developed the metabolism of an 8 year old. People will start fitness convos’ with people who are obviously getting results and that leads us to…

Word of mouth

If you are good, people will shout your praises all over town. We all know charlatans who pretend to be good at something and leave customers feeling ripped off. Don’t be that guy. Don’t over commit and ensure you are performing at your best. This will make sure that you are leaving every client feeling happy as Larry after a rush of endorphins from a serious Pummel.


There are plenty of do-it-all trainers out there. Are you especially good at helping people lose that baby weight? Or have you got an entire program dedicated to squats and how to get that Kardashian booty? Make sure people know about it. In every job and every industry, it’s important to have a competitive edge. Put it on your Pummel Bio and watch the client leads come in.

Pay attention and make contact

People want and need to trust you. It’s a huge commitment to change your lifestyle in an effort to get fit. After the first session with a new client, shoot them a message through your Pummel app. Tell them they did well and you can’t wait for the next session. Personal connections coupled with customer experience can make or break return custom. Like any relationship, make them feel like you are thinking of them.

Corporate relationships

Plenty of companies these days are rewarding their staff for being active and healthy. If you can be the resident guru, you’ll have clients galore. In conjunction with morning and lunchtime group fitness, you can take private PT sessions before and after work. You could fill your calendar with one business!

Be nice

People just want a nice experience. Some people don’t brag. Some people don’t share. Some people just want to exercise and not find it to be a total punish. Be a positive presence in their workout and you’ll have them feeling safe and supported.

Get on Pummel

Finally, if you haven’t already, and I’m sure you are so just saying, get on it! It’s the newest fitness app made for personal trainers and fitness experts. It’s been designed specifically to help score new client leads, and not just rubbish ones. Pummel allows the client to choose you from all the other PTs in their area, improving lead quality and ease of use. All on your mobile phone, its a no brain, register here.

Also I’m saying it again. Get your clients results and it’ll pay off.


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