There are ONLY 3 steps to your perfect beach body.

There are ONLY 3 steps to your perfect beach body.

As soon as the spring hits the ground, many of us stomp towards gyms, to full fill a seemingly deja vu New Year’s Eve promise, to get fit for this summer.

As much as we feel amped up with the first sun peeking out, sometimes that rush is over way too quickly.

But for real, maybe it doesn’t have to be that hard. What if I told you there are only 3 steps to follow that guarantee you the body of your life.

1) “Abs are made in the kitchen”, you’ve probably heard.

Yet again, while 8000+ new diet books are published yearly, they seem not to do the trick nor cut the fat. Sorry, but there is just not a magical one-for-all recipe book. But there is you – and like Adam Bornstein writes in his fitness blog , there is Your best diet plan.


80% of success to achieve your perfect beach body, is the right nutrition. Right doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on the foods you love or snacks you crave. The key is to be mindful of what you eat and what does the food actually consists of.


So how to find the sweet spot and stick to Your perfect beach body plan?


Start by being honest with yourself. Honestly writing down all the food you consumed over a week on the dot. Mark your foods up in a meal planning app such as MyFitnespal and take a critical look at where is the surplus and what is your actual goal and need. Based on that, create a menu for yourself that YOU like and where you can add some cheat meals as well as healthy options, consisting the foods and combinations work best for you.  Like psychologist Brian Wansink describes in his book (Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think), we trick ourselves thinking of eating less and healthier, while common sense leaves us when we are dealing with food and size-contrast illusion overhauls our plates with goodies.


Sometimes, cold hard truth is all what it takes, to remind us the forgotten cupcakes we had over a lunch or the Frappuccinos we gauged during an early brunch.


2) Find a workout you love – find the people who love it with you.


According to Stanford University study, training with others makes us way more accountable keeping our pledge, than just pinky promise to ourselves. Peer groups can easily push us a little further and little harder day by day and will call you out on slacking the day away.

In worst case scenario, to be even more ruthless to yourself, use the trick that Tim Ferris describes in his book “The 4hr Body”. Tim actually sends his half-naked, unflattering picture to one of his mates, with a pact to get it out and public if he doesn’t own up to his fitness promise. Well if that’s not going to help, then not sure what will!

Last but not least, don’t train without goals. As tempting as it can be to have a vague goal such as a “perfect beach body”, set yourself a realistic goal to lose X amount of weight and challenge yourself with something new, such as pull-ups.

3) Set your mind for a winning mindset.

You are going to achieve it – eventually. It won’t happen today and it won’t happen tomorrow but eventually. So that you might not even notice how the change has happened along the way. To create a winning mindset be “SMART”  about it.

In other words, SMART is a framework used throughout all kinds of industries from IT to nursing, to project management to creating your perfect beach body plan. It consists of 5 pillars and your specific goals:

Specific — Do set real numbers with real deadlines.

Measurable — Do make sure that you can track your goal.

Attainable — Do work toward a goal that is challenging but possible. Don’t try to take over the world in one night.

Realistic — Do be honest with yourself, because you know what you are capable of. Don’t forget any hurdles you may have to overcome.

Time-bound — Do give yourself a deadline. Don’t keep pushing towards a goal you might hit “someday.”


How to put it in practice? Let’s say your big fitness goal is 5 pull-ups. Can you do one? Can you do negative-pull ups? Maybe not yet, but you could be nailing the very first pull-up in 3 months. De-construct the exercise and set small but reachable goals, that will have a small impact on your overall journey. Giving up on big goals is much easier than on smaller. Exercise smarter not harder.

That’s it! Be focused but don’t overdo it. Have fun and be smart about it. Be real about it. Your perfect body doesn’t come overnight. It doesn’t come without small sacrifices, but it does come with a hell of a lot of fun, body positivity and an awesome feeling.

Be in it to win it.