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6 Ways To Lose Your Beer Belly – drink no carb

Time to lose that beer belly

Who isn’t fond of a little beer every now and then? If you have control and an active lifestyle, there’s nothing wrong with a little fun and alcohol. However, if you have a poor diet and a poor lifestyle, you’re likely to develop the dreaded beer belly. If you’ve let yourself go over the silly season, just consider the methods listed below to lose that pesky beer belly and get back in shape.

  1. Drink Water With Your Beer

    It can be difficult to control your consumption of beer, especially if you’re coming off a hard party season. If you can’t completely stop your beer consumption, you can limit it by consuming water as well. Force yourself to have a glass of water with every beer and you’ll limit how much you consume without noticing the difference. An added bonus – If you consume enough water, you’ll also stay hydrated and avoid a very nasty hangover the following day.

  2. Only Drink Once a Week

    Another way to limit your beer consumption is to drink only once a week. You can consider the once-a-week binge a reward for sticking to your commitment. You’ll enjoy your session more and won’t have to limit yourself at social occasions. You won’t feel the need to cheat and consume during the week because you know you will have the opportunity to later.

  3. Switch to a no carb beer

    If you want to have a sustainable change, chances are you aren’t going to cut out beer entirely. Don’t worry, we agree life is worth living. Just switch to one of the many low carb beers on the market, some are as low as 0.8g per 100mL.

    But we can do one better, yes, our local, Burleigh Brewing Co. has a no carb beer called Big Head. Yes you heard right, a full flavoured 4.2% abv with

    zero carbs and only 88 calories per bottle!

    Find out more about Big Head and start saving calories here – http://burleighbrewing.com.au

  4. Try Fasting

    Fasting can help you get rid of that beer belly quickly and get back in shape in time for your next beach trip. People mistakenly assume that fasting involves starving but that’s not the case. Starving slows down metabolism and can make it difficult for you to lose weight. Fasting is just some hours of no food with a few hours of controlled food consumption. You can try the following fasting diets:

    • Warrior Diet that includes 20 hours fasting to 4 hours of eating healthy
    • Leangains Method that includes 16 hour fast to 8 hours of eating healthy
    • 5/2 Method that includes eating a healthy diet for 5 days a week and on 400 to 800 calories for 2 days a week.

    As you can see, this isn’t that difficult to undertake and you won’t need to starve yourself to regain your fitness.

  5. Eat Protein, Reduce Carbs

    Beer contains sugar due to carbohydrates and alcohol so you can pile it on if you don’t control the consumption and work to burn the carbs. You can adjust your diet to compensate for the excess sugar and carbs, which will help you lose that beer belly and regain your former level of fitness. However, why not try consuming protein to curb your appetite and reduce carbs so that your body is forced to consume existing fat in order to gain energy. This along with a good workout routine will help you stay healthy.

  6. Kick start your fitness journey

Finally, if you have developed the dreaded beer belly, chances are your workout routine either is inconsistent or doesn’t exist. Exercising regularly, with intensity and focus on your core will do wonders for your weight loss. This will boost your metabolism and burn lingering fat. Added workout routines will also benefit you after you’ve regained your level of fitness and help you build muscles.

No doubt you know all this, so is it motivation you lack? At Pummel we believe the best way to kick start your fitness is with the help of a professional personal trainer or nutritionist. 4 weeks alone can be enough to develop good habits and apply a personalised workout routine that will ensure you are burning through that belly fat.

Download the Pummel App from the Apple App Store to find the best personal trainers and nutritionists and start tracking your progress by logging sessions and photos of all your hard work and watch that belly disappear…


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