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8 reasons why women should lift weight

Why women should lift weight

When you enter a gym, you’ll find guys pumping iron while women are hard at work on their cardio workouts. It’s rare to see a woman try weight lifting and that’s a shame because lifting can actually help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals faster. Women are intimidated by weights because they don’t want to injure themselves and are worried about developing visible muscles. Lifting will help you get a toned and slim body and if you do it correctly, you’re not likely to be injured.

Here are some reasons why expert personal trainers believe that women should incorporate lifts in their routine. You don’t need to shun cardio entirely, but its variations and lifts will help you reach a new level of fitness.

  1. A Combination of Cardio and Lifting Will Hasten Weight Loss

    When you just stick to low-intensity cardio, you’ll quickly reach a plateau in your workout routine and your weight loss will slow down. Our bodies can become accustomed to certain types of exercises, which is why variation is necessary if you want to continue losing weight. A good combination of cardio and weight lifting can keep your routine diverse and interesting. Such a routine will boost the metabolism and lead to a more effective workout.

  2. You’ll Expend More Calories

    An improved metabolism will ensure you burn more calories and get more from every session. This means your body will burn more fat even when you’re not exercising and just performing your day-to-day activities. For example, you’ll burn more calories on a short walk to the local cafe after you’ve incorporated weight training in your routine than you did before you weight-trained. Research suggests that this is due to increased presence of mitochondria in cells. This improves your metabolic rate and ensures your body consumes more calories.

  3. Curves and Muscle Loss

    When you stick with low-intensity cardio workouts, you gradually lower your metabolic rate. Eventually, you lose muscle mass that would make it seem like you’ve lost weight and slimmed down. Your body will look lean, but it will still have a lot of fat so you won’t really be fit. If you incorporate weight training into your exercise routine, you’ll build muscle and burn fat. This will ensure you look toned, improve your athletic performance, and give you some physical strength. Your body will appear shapely and toned.

  4. You’ll Feel More Energetic

    Just cardio exercises can make you feel exhausted and disheartened because you have to spend hours doing a monotonous exercise with very little variation. Weight lifting is not only more rewarding, it’s more versatile too. A few reps of different exercises will trigger the release of “feel good” chemicals in your body and help you feel enthusiastic and energised. You’ll feel motivated to work harder and enjoy your exercise routines more. In fact, people who lift regularly have a harder time controlling their urge to continue because these exercises are very rewarding.

  5. Your Overall Health Will Improve

    Weight training will help reduce LDL or unhealthy cholesterol and improve HDL, or healthy cholesterol. You’ll have better heart health, blood lipid profiles, and improved insulin sensitivity. A balanced combination of aerobic exercise and weight training can easily improve your body’s ability to build muscles and use carbohydrates in energy production. This will stop the body from storing fat in tissue and improve your overall health.

  6. You’ll Add Strength to Your Bones

    Women are becoming increasingly prone to bone-related health problems like osteoporosis and osteopenia. This is usually use to a lack of proper exercise with resistance and load bearing. Lack of physical activity can weaken bone density and make it fragile, which leads to a number of health problems. If you consistently lift weights and use resistance training, you might be able to reverse the degeneration of your bones and get back to good health.

  7. You’ll Sleep Better

    Many people struggle with sleep because of stress, anxiety, mood problems, and lack of physical activity. Women need 6 to 8 hours of sleep at the very least, but most only manage 5 to 6. That can have an impact on your health as you’ll feel tired and exhausted almost daily. You will sleep better if you spend a few days in a week pumping iron and exercising. Your body will demand rest and relaxation, which will eventually calm your mind and help you de-stressed. People who suffer from insomnia fair better if they add weight training to their routine.

  8. Your Mental Health will Improve

    Regular weight training is known to have a positive impact on depression, anxiety, and other such disorders. Even if you suffer from excessive stress and frustration due to personal and professional problems, a weight training session in the gym will be a good outlet for your frustration and help you get back in shape as well. Such exercises also trigger the reward system in the brain so you’ll leave the gym in a better mood than you came in.

    One of the reasons why women don’t experiment with weight training is because they fear they’ll become bulky. You won’t suddenly become less feminine or attractive when you train with weights. You’ll have more power in your body because of added muscle mass, but you’ll still look lean and shapely.


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