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What is the best diet to follow – 2019

What Is The Best Diet To Follow in 2019?

What is the best diet to follow?

This is a question I cringe at…

It’s nearly as bad as someone asking me: What is the best exercise/workout for chest?

The answer to both: it depends.

Just as building the “perfect workout” if there were such a thing. Would depend on the person I am talking to, their structure, their weaknesses, what training phase they have just been in, etc.

The best diet would be dependent on your lifestyle, stress level, gut intolerance’s, time of year, body fat, etc.

I did a LIVE video on this in the Muscle Mastery Facebook group.

But I’m also going to dive into the main concepts I discussed.

I am not against a keto, or low carb or even vegetarian diet for the most part.

What I am against is people forcing their approach on others because they think this one approach is going to solve the world’s problems for everyone – coaches especially.

As I mentioned above, you need to learn their circumstances and what is going to be the best move forward for THEM regardless of what works for you.

Therefore, vegetarian might work GREAT for 3 months for someone who has really struggled with digestive issues or inflammation – but will likely be a less effective option long term if you’re main goal is body composition and muscle gain (or even blood health markers for many).

Fasting might be great for someone that needs optimal cognitive function and focus. But if your stress levels are high – this is likely not a smart move.

The list goes on and on,

My main point is don’t get stuck on one approach.

Just as one workout program will generally produce much less of a result after 4-6 weeks of following it. A nutritional approach should also be used for a special goal and should be at least regularly evaluated of its effectiveness and alignment with your goal.

What worked for you 5 years or even 6 months ago might not be the best option for you now.

If you feel awesome, your energy is high, your recovery is spot on, focus at work is great and all is well, then don’t try fix what’s not broken. But if you don’t feel all of the above, then you need to re-evaluate how you are eating and its effects on your body and well-being.

This is one of the pillars I focus on during the 7 Day Challenge where I give you back the control and momentum you lost with your training – to make sure you encompass a holistic, intelligent approach.

Because it is likely not the cookie cutter diets or plans that 99% of the industry regurgitates that is going to get you over that slump.

Remember there is not 12-week finish line, this is a LIFE optimization and you should feel awesome in your own skin as you grow and challenge yourself along the way, not suffer to the top.

If you haven’t started the 7 Day Challenge, then join here: spotterinsider.com/7-day-challenge

– Olly – Learn more about the author, Top Personal Trainer Olly Wood and see his trainer profile on Possible.