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What is Biohacking? – 5 Tips to Start Today

What is Biohacking? – 5 Tips to Start Today

The term ‘Biohacking’ sounds intense though a side from the Cyborg-esk name, it’s very simple. In short, it’s the idea that we can use technology to improve ourselves. It can be something as simple as taking supplements to improve mental alertness, to extremes such as night vision eye drops, oxygen crystals (to breathe underwater indefinitely) and even telepathy chips.
Biohacking is a systems-based approach to managing your body, and is based on the idea that what we put into our body effects how we feel.
If working your way towards becoming a superhuman tickles your fancy, then take a look at our entry level Biohacks to get you started today.

  1. Perfect Your Posture

    The importance of posture is nothing new. We all know that sitting behind a desk all day is doing long term damage. Instead of fearing future pain, become proactive. Easy ways to improve your posture are to spend 10 minutes a day foam rolling, or to consistently stabilise your spine. To do this, simply squeeze your butt, breath out and pull your ribcage down, engaging your abs. Also, make sure your computer is at a height that has you holding your head in a neutral position, with your ears in-line with your shoulders.

  2. Eat the Right Nutrition

    Eating right is a given, but those in the Biohack world are centred on three key rules.

    1. Eat lots of veggies lathered in grass-fed butter
    2. Ensure your diet is full of grass-fed beef, pastured eggs, and low-mercury fish
    3. Lastly, moderate starches and fruits

  3. Biohack your sleep

    There is endless research going into creating the perfect night’s sleep. Recent research has found that sleep is more about quality than quantity. It is very possible that you can sleep a lot less, and wake up feeling even better.

    Start by doing your best to completely black out your bedroom. Sleep masks won’t work, as your skin is also light sensitive, but try investing in blackout blinds. There are also apps such as the Sleep Cycle App, which can track your sleeping cycles and give you actionable data.

  4. Get Outside

    We are all descendants of cavemen. Our ancestors were more resilient, adaptable and fitter versions of who we are today. We have become domesticated, and the only way to tackle this is to get ourselves back out into the wilderness. Sunlight is also a key part of our natural nutrition so bask away.

  5. Pump the chunes

    Listening to music is one of the best ways to biohack your focus. Apart from helping you zone out from the chaos around you, it can also drastically effect your mood. The most cited study is the “Mozart effect”, a set of research results that indicate that listening to Mozart’s music may induce a short-term improvement of your performance of certain tasks known as “spatial-temporal reasoning”.

All of these tips are very basic in terms of Biohacking. If you really want to get into it, have a chat to some of our Biohack experts or read up on the Bulletproof website.


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