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Pummel Mobile App – find a personal trainer near me

Yes Pummel has launched!

Find out how to use pummel to find a personal trainer nearby

Pummel is here! We are launched and we are ready! So, need a little guidance setting up? Let me walk you through it.

Firstly you will need to head to the iTunes store, search ‘Pummel’ and download the app. When you open the app, you will be prompted to make a profile. Fill in the blanks and sign up!

Next you will be asked to refine your search. You can enter in your preferred gender, location and specialities. Take your time choosing the specialities, as these will define the trainers that turn up in your search results. Just select your top 3!

Once you have defined your preferences, you will be given a selection of suitable PTs matched to your needs. Swipe through your options, using the back function if you swipe past someone you’re interested in.

Find a trainer that looks suitable? Just click on their image to view their profile, experience and qualifications. When you are happy with their profile, press the plus sign on their profile to connect with the PT and start your transformation.

Track Your Sessions

Keeping track of your fitness goals is a vital part of getting fit and staying motivated. This is why we built in a sessions tracker for the Pummel App. Here you can log the type of session, time, intensity and much more. By clicking on the orange rectangle that says ‘Private’ you can also choose to have these sessions viewable by the Pummel community and more importantly, your personal trainer and fitness coaches. This feature is designed to keep you motivated, as your PT can keep an eye on your progress, and even book you into sessions through the app.

Get Social

Keeping fit is made fun by the people you exercise with and with Pummel, you will have an easy and fun way to stay in contact. Think of it as the Facebook for fitness. Here you can share pictures of your delicious fitspo food snaps, or your impressive gym gains. It automatically shows pictures of people nearby doing workouts and keeping fit. Motivate them by liking and commenting. We are proud of all our hard working Pummel People, show them some love!

Keep In Contact

Let’s be honest, staying motivated is easy when you’re standing in front of your annoyingly fit PT, but they can’t be there at every moment holding your hand.

Or can’t they?
In the Pummel App, we have created a messaging system. This means you can instantly contact your PT at any time. You can ask for tips on a machine you want to try out, or let them know you’re running a little late to class. They can share workout tips, nutrition advice or just some encouragement to get you Pummel fit.

We hope you love the app, we’re doing lots to improve things, if you have suggestions or feedback please send it to hello(@)pummel.fit

You can now download the app from the Apple iTunes of Android PlayStore store here – http://get.pummel.fit or search “Pummel” in the appStore.


Download on the App Store Badge
Download Pummel, find a personal trainer from the appStore



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