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How To Get Published Through a Fitness Magazine

If you are looking to build your online presence, I’m sure you are already aware of how much focus bloggers have on publishing their work. It’s the world of publish or perish. So in this article I am going to dive deep into the tips and resources needed so you know how to get published in a fitness magazine and/or website.


When we think of “making it” as a blogger, what really creates credibility behind our name is being able to list the long lines of print or online publications that have featured our work. This sole fact seems to engulf the overall importance and visibility of our business.


What are the first steps to reaching out to influencers?

Before jumping straight into it and reaching out to the targeted editorial team, you first want to be very clear on how your content is going to be of value to the reader. Because whoever is receiving your emails, this is really the only thing they will be looking for in your request. You can have the best credentials or newest service in the world, but what the editors are responsible for is creating the best quality content to their readers.


Since you probably already have an interest or natural affinity with the brand you are trying to approach, you should already have a pretty good feel for the type of content they put out to their readers. If you can see your content aligning with the content they are already putting out, then you will have an easier time communicating this message to them.


Should you focus on smaller publications first?

This is a common question, as from a TV perspective this is a stepping stone process. However for magazines and websites, this, for the most part doesn’t matter if your content is what they are looking for.


If you want to be published, you will always want to make sure you have a sufficient portfolio of published work to show the editor. The scale on to which you aim for your content to be published comes down to two things:


  • A compelling and unique message
  • A solid web presence i.e. be easily found by search engines


Your article doesn’t necessarily need to present a unique angle to how you discuss to completely revolutionize an industry (in a lot of ways, this will be a very hard sell). But you must have a distinctive style, and distinctive passion and interest for your topic. If you have this then you should be able to pitch your idea in a much more compelling manner that captures the attention of the editor.


Your web presence will interest the editor. They will certainly do their background check on you if there is interest in your work. As by bringing your work on board, it is certainly much more attractive if you have a large following. This will obviously shine light on the publication and create a larger reader base if they follow your work.


There is already so much content online, how do we stand out?

This is a very common question, as thanks to Google, any questions we have, we can have answered on the first search page for free.


What is frequently missing from blog posts that don’t gain traction is the lack of PERSONALITY. Sorry to shout, but what they are really interested in if they already follow you is access to YOU. Let this shine through your work as your content should share some relatable and sometimes vulnerable ideas that really hit a soft spot in the reader. If you look back to any article that you had taken time to read and share, there was something in that piece of content that really resonated with your beliefs and values which pushed you to share it on. This comes from this true understanding of people’s pain points and something that you will need to find in order for your work to be shared.


How should you structure your pitch?

Now that you are clear on the direction of the value you are providing to your audience, there are 5 pillars that need to be in your perfect pitch:



  • Build connection with reader
  • Show familiarity and genuine interest in publisher
  • Pitch your view
  • What’s your unique selling point?
  • Establish credibility


This is a very specific order than has been tested countless times and will work in every niche. Where most people slip up straight away is they try to shove their credibility and importance down the reader’s throat. They don’t care how great you are, they just want to know how it aligns with their KPI’s and how your work is going to make a difference to their company.


This is not that editors are narcissistic, they are just like every other busy human that wants to make the best use of their time and be as effective as possible. So speak their language, how is your content going to benefit their business and create a positive difference to their brand?


If you have established a connection with the reader and they see you have an genuine interest in their work, this will cause them to let down their guard a little more to see what you have to say, rather than leading with personal achievements they have no connections with.


If you have nailed these first steps you would have allowed the reader to digest your email in an order that becomes 10 times more attractive to their eyes, and your selling point will roll off the tongue more easily.


If you put these steps into action on top of a deep passion for the work you do, I hope that this article is of great value in your future proposals and I hope to be reading your article in the next issue of TIME magazine!



All the best,


Oliver Wood

Pummel Lead Ambassador