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Get Healthy and Fit Without Breaking the Bank

Get Healthy and Fit Without Breaking the Bank

You know that you look and feel your best when you’re eating right and staying active, but time
and money are two of the biggest barriers to making that happen. Break down those barriers by
prioritizing healthy eating on a budget and being flexible about how you work out. These tips will
help you stay healthy and fit on your own schedule, all without breaking the bank.
If you’re not sure where to begin, hiring a personal trainer is a good investment. These
professionals can help you formulate the ideal workout plan and offer nutritional guidance that
will help you reach your fitness goals. By consulting with someone intimately familiar with
exercise and health, you’ll be one step ahead and get started on the right foot.

Make Healthy Eating More Convenient

With a little planning and preparation, eating healthy can be less expensive and more
convenient than options that aren’t so good for you. The Kitchn gives some great tips that come
straight from their readers’ experiences. Here are just a couple of their top tips and how to put
them into practice:

● Shop strategically to get healthy food at the best price. One of the best ways to get
good food for cheap is to shop your grocery store’s sales for fresh fruits, vegetables, and
lean meats. Stock up on your favorites when they’re at the best price and freeze what
you can’t use right away. Fruits and vegetables are also the least expensive when
they’re in season, and they’re often less expensive from a local farmer’s market since
they haven’t traveled as far to get to your plate.
● Plan meals and prep ahead of time. Whenever your schedule allows, take a little time
to plan out your meals and prepare ingredients so they’re quick and easy to throw
together when you need them. This means you’re less likely to go for takeout when your
schedule gets busy, so you stick to your health and financial goals. When planning
meals, choose recipes that use affordable ingredients, like these 20 recipes from Budget
Bytes that are designed to help you eat well while staying on budget.

Stick to Free (or Cheap) and Flexible Workouts

Reaching your fitness goals doesn’t have to mean hours spent at a gym. There are all kinds of
workouts you can do from home or outside that are low- or no-cost.
● Use your bodyweight to get fit. Simple exercises like squats, lunges, and crunches
use nothing but your own bodyweight for an excellent cardio workout. To make it a little
more challenging, create your own high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. Choose the exercises you want to incorporate and do each for a minute, followed by a minute of
rest before repeating the routine.
● Use online workout videos. If you prefer having some guidance, the internet is a vast
resource for free workout videos you can do right at home. Since online videos are
available whenever you are, these give you the benefit of a fitness expert on your
● Make the most of your dollar when buying workout equipment. Adding some basic
workout equipment can up your game, but that doesn’t mean it needs to cost a fortune.
Verywell recommends resistance bands, dumbbells, and jump ropes for inexpensiveequipment that gives your workout a boost.
● Get outside for some fresh air. All you need to go for a walk or jog is comfortable
clothes and shoes. You could also find (or create!) a local soccer or other sports league
that meets at a park.

Try Double-Duty Workouts for Mind and Body

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as physical health. Any exercise gives you
a mood boost, but certain types of exercise like yoga, meditation, and swimming naturally lend
themselves toward mental benefits and can help with addiction recovery. This is because these
activities allow you to focus your mind and can relieve stress and anxiety, both of which are
triggers for relapse in many individuals who are in recovery.

Between shopping smart, meal prepping, and fitting in alternative exercise ideas, there’s no
need to let being on a budget or a tight schedule stop you from achieving your wellness goals.
So often we tend to think of health and fitness as expensive and time-consuming, but that
doesn’t have to be your reality. With these tips, you can eat healthier and fit exercise into your
busy schedule, all while saving money.

This post was curated by our guest blogger Alexis from Singelparent.info

Photo credit: Pexels