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How Coach David redefines motivation with a holistic ‘strength mindset’

How Coach David redefines motivation with a holistic ‘strength mindset’

“Trainer Of The Month” aims to introduce inspiring trainers on Pummel.Fit community and tell their story from the ground up. Digging on: What makes them move? How they help customers  succeed with their fitness goals. The tips and tricks that can make one a better trainer.  What does the future of fitness hold for them? This and much more specially curated from trainer to trainer and trainer to trainee.

Meet Coach David – a trainer based in Spotswood, Victoria. David is all about educating and empowering those interested in improving quality of life using principles in strength training and nutrition.

David has a holistic approach to training and values a strength-based mindset. His mission is to shape his clients into better people outside the gym – physically, mentally and emotionally. As such he had to overcome his own insecurities and perceptions.  He takes his customers on a strength building journey, increasing their confidence, self-esteem and opening them up to new ways of perceiving things.

What is your background in fitness and exercise?

Human Movement Degree 2011 | Cert 4 TAE (Adult Education) 2015 | ASCA Strength & Conditioning Level 2 Coach 2016 | ESSA Accredited Exercise Scientist 2017

How did you first get started in PT and coaching?

I started Personal Training as part of my work placement for my Human Movement degree in 2011 at Apollo Gym (Footscray). Initially, I shadowed a few PTs before taking on gym supervising (instruction) shifts and showing members how to use the equipment. I also started learning how to train more efficiently at Elite Sports Performance (Spotswood). The hardest part was waking up before 6am 3-4 days per week consistently!

What are your training specialties and the type of training you do today?

I’m all about strength. You can’t be quick/fast, powerful, energetic or fully relaxed without being strong – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. My purpose is to make you a better person outside the gym by optimally increasing pressure inside it. To overcome any challenge, you ALWAYS need strength – you don’t always need ‘cardio’ or muscles or AMRAPS or equipment.

What has been the biggest gains with this type of training?

The biggest gains I have seen in my clientele lie in their overall outlook on life. They increase their confidence and self-esteem, they’re able to overcome previously failed challenges and don’t let obstacles get them down. They see value in listening to new ways of doing things and reap the rewards forever.

What are the hardest things to overcome?

The hardest thing to overcome is your mental state – which has been developed through past experiences and perceptions.

What are your tips for people who just cannot find the motivation to come and train?

Don’t rely on motivation to train. You’ll only fail again. Living healthily and happily doesn’t happen because you are motivated to do so. It happens when you have discipline, honestly, integrity and good values and morals.

What are the challenges and opportunities you’ve faced in starting and running your business?

Overcoming my own insecurities and perceptions has been my greatest challenge in starting and running my own business. Once I started listening to the right people and trialing new ways in doing business, my personal business started to thrive.

How do you use social media and online marketing? What are your best tips on getting noticed on these channels?

The best coaches I know make themselves heard more in the gym; and not on social media. My best tips would be to spend more time working on your business as well as putting most of your effort towards your current clientele. They are your best chance at increasing your client base.

What has been your biggest learning for moving your business forward?

Back Yourself. Listen. Start Small.

Find David from 

Pummel app or connect in Spotwood, Victoria 0403 138 912 | [email protected]

David also has an instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/shredder_05