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How to market your personal training business

Time to market your personal training business and bring in those extra clients

Let’s be real. If you were into marketing, you would be sitting in an air-conditioned office right now. But you’re into the business of fitness, and it is time to get those clients flooding in.

So, no idea where to start? Let me make it easy for you.

  1. Create your brand

Branding is so important for businesses and it needs to be done right. When creating a logo, I would highly recommend consulting a professional, but if you are really strapped for cash, find some logos you love and head to a site like Fivver. Once you have a logo stick it absolutely everywhere! That includes emails, letters, social accounts, training gear and even your car if that’s your thing. Fivver is also great for creating business cards, have a look on sites like Pinterest and go in with a clear idea of how you want it to look.

  1. Get social

Social media is the best (and cheapest) way to market yourself. Start by doing some market research. Study the accounts that you admire and are in the same field as you – the time of day they post, the hashtags that they use, what is popular on their page and (possibly more importantly) what’s not so popular – and ultimately decide what might work for you.

My top pick for PTs at the moment would be an Instagram account. I would also create a Facebook page, and share your Instagram content there. But Instagram is a great place to easily grow a following and show off your creative side.

My top tips for mastering Instagram are;

  • Don’t be afraid to repost content, just try to credit as often as possible.
  • DON’T repost with regram tags. Just screenshot the posts, and credit the owner in the caption.
  • Use an app like Later to schedule your content. This will give you a chance to curate an awesome feed.
  • Follow prospective clients and like/engage with a few of their posts. If your feed is on point, they will follow back. Use apps like Captivate to help you with this.
  • Set your Instagram account up as a business account and keep an eye on your stats. They will tell you the best time to post.
  1. Get a website

Did you know that 70% of small businesses still don’t have a website? This means just having one will catapult you into awesomeness. Websites may seem scary, but you can easily use sites like Squarespace to create an amazing website with a tiny price tag. Also, when you set your domain up with someone like NameCheap, you will get a custom email address, which will look super profesh’ on your business cards & social accounts.

  1. Get your name out there

Once everything above is set up, it is time to get your name out there. To do this try the below;

  • Start a referral reward system. Essentially if one of your existing clients refers a friend to you, they get a reward.
  • Start a fitness networking group in your community or join one. This can even just be done via Facebook. You refer your clients to a massage therapist or nutritionist and they will refer their clients to you. It is a win-win.
  • Do a flyer drop. Head to a site like Canva, and whip up an attractive flyer, packing it with your branding. Drop it at places your potential clients may hang out, such as coffee shops, health food stores, physical therapy waiting rooms, etc.
  1. Sign up to Pummel

And most importantly, sign up to Pummel, and complete your mobile profile to connect you with clients looking for the perfect trainer for them.  We have both a free and a paid option.  The free is easy to setup and gets your name out there to anyone searching near your location.  The paid version is great in that you can promote your business and put that gorgeous logo you created directly onto your profile.

Sign up to free here

Sign up to Pro here

Well, that is it from me. We will be doing a few more pieces with a more in-depth look at platforms like Instagram, so be sure to check back.



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