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How Mineralised Water Is Becoming The New Thing In Fitness, And Why You Should Be Drinking It Too!

How mineralised water is becoming the new thing in fitness, and why you should be drinking it too!


We all know that it’s important to stay hydrated when we work out. However, something we may not be so clear on is what exactly we should drink while exercising.


Water – the classic choice

Water indeed hydrates your body, and many of us drink it straight from the tap. However, when you sweat, together with fluids your body also loses important minerals. These minerals include potassium, sodium or magnesium, and you need them to perform at your best. Tap water often contains some minerals, however, you cannot be 100% sure what exactly is in it.

healthy water

Healthy water with a grain of “salt”

If you exercise a lot (1-2 hours every day) it is particularly important that you pay attention to your mineral intake; insufficient potassium, for example, lowers your body’s capabilities to store carbohydrates to fuel your muscles. Also, the frequency and degree to which your muscles contract depends heavily on having the right amount of potassium in the body. Similarly, excessive sweating depletes your magnesium stores, that might lead to feelings of anxiety and irritability, difficulty sleeping, low blood pressure, confusion, muscle weakness, and cramps. We guess there’s nothing worse than cramps and feeling weak while exercising?

Therefore, if you’re an active person who loves sports and live by the rule ‘go hard or go home’, you should make sure that your body gets sufficient amounts of minerals through drinking water that is high in these.

Choose your healthy water option

While in Europe mineral water has been popular the early days and widely in sport, spa and wellness culture, the New World has starting to discover the benefits as well. While popular mineral waters such as Perrier or S.Pellegrino continue to be more of a fine dining beverage addition, the traditional grocery stores cater little to the salt enthusiasts.

In Pummel, we are always in lookout for great and new creative projects that can benefit on anyone’s fitness journey, and we have found this exciting project gathering crazy attention in Kickstarter.

Mitte® is the world’s first smart home system that unites purification and enhancement, giving you not just pure, but healthy water. Mitte comes with three different mineral cartridges, creating waters with different mineral properties.  Their innovative product allows you to personalise your water to suit your fitness level and lifestyle. And each of the mineral cartridges contains potassium, magnesium and calcium to keep your performance at the highest level.  

mitte healthy water

So check them out, and let us know, what you do to ensure that your body stays well-hydrated and nourished?