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Are personal trainers REALLY worth the cost?

As every Mum in the history of time has loved to remind us, “money does not grow on trees”. So, when it comes to deciding whether to splurge on a personal trainer, there are mixed reviews. Some will swear by their personal trainers, while the hardcore gym-goers will dismiss personal training as a glamorised form of physical training that is not only over-priced but overrated.

The simple fact is that hiring a personal trainer can be expensive and you may end up paying thousands per year on a PT. Compare that to standard gym membership where the average annual membership could be in the range of $850- $1000 (depending on the gym and the services included). It’s evident that a gym membership costs only a fraction of what you would pay a personal trainer. Which brings us to the question- Is hiring a personal trainer worth the cost?

Personal training- the benefits

There are a number of benefits to hiring a personal trainer such as:

  • Personal attention

    This is one of the main benefits. When you work out at a gym, the coaches can’t give you their full attention as there will be other members they must attend to as well. Even if you choose group fitness classes, there could be anywhere between 10-15 (or more) participants. On the other hand, when you work with a personal trainer, you get their full attention. They are able to customise your workout schedule based on your fitness levels, lifestyle and individual needs. It means you will be able to see quicker results.

  • Motivation

    Since you are their only client in that session, your personal trainer will be able to motivate you and push you beyond your own motivation. This is something that will never happen in a group fitness training session or when you work out at a gym.

  • Accountability

    A personal trainer will make you more accountable and that is an important aspect of fitness. In addition to designing a fitness routine for you, they will also provide you nutrition advice and help you inculcate healthy lifestyle habits. If they see you faltering, they will immediately bring it to your notice and encourage you to get back on track. This accountability boosts your need to perform better and helps get you into a good fitness and healthy living routine.

  • Keep Those Moods Under Control

    For the record, I cannot make any promises here. Fluctuations in hormone levels, the strain of pregnancy, and other similar problems will have an impact on your mood no matter what. But, regular exercise will activate the reward system in your body and give you a rush of energy. You won’t just be in a better mood immediately after your workout, but also throughout your pregnancy. Regular workouts designed specifically for pregnant women will keep both your body and mind healthy.

  • Lesser chances of injury

    When you participate in a group fitness session, if the class size is too big, you may not notice evident results and the potential for injury is higher as well. A certified and experienced personal trainer will use the right techniques which drastically reduces the chances of injury.

  • More progress, more results

    Aside from this, they will change up the workout routine regularly so you don’t plateau and you will be see better results, quicker. While there are a number of benefits to hiring a physical trainer, it is vital that you find one that is worth the dosh. Personal trainers can use the Pummel app to take photos of your progress, these are stored in the cloud and full owned by you. This way if you need to change PTs you are always in charge of your own data and own results.

Look for a quality personal trainer, with the right credentials and one that you are able to sync with. To hire an experienced and certified personal trainer download the Pummel App today. The Pummel app in the Apple iTunes or Android Google Play stores Download here.