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Pummel has acquired Zippy to tackle obesity with a collective nudge

Pummel announces acquisition of Zippy to Launch PUML, a blockchain based health and fitness record with the aim of using the power of a collective nudge to tackle obesity.

Today, Pummel Pty Ltd, owner of Pummel.fit, a health tech marketplace, announced the acquisition of Zippy, a digital loyalty network founded in Brisbane, Queensland. This acquisition, which compliments Pummels existing fitness service marketplace, will bring the company a step closer towards facilitating a health and fitness economy. The company aims to help individuals, institutions and societies achieve their collective health and fitness goals. Built on the block chain, PUML will provide secure health and fitness recording, integrating multiple fitness data sources to achieve health goals.

Zippy is a digital rewards platform for small business in the greater Brisbane area. It has good traction in the sports and fitness niche, engaging their customer base whilst encouraging loyalty.

“Zippy was a natural acquisition with its membership base of engaged active fitness users. Our experience and technology gives us a sound background to develop PUML. It is an ideal moment to bring the security that the Blockchain provides, together with the concept of exercise as a medicine.” said Damien King, CEO Pummel.fit.

Adam Samuel Co-Founder of Zippy said, “I am looking forward to joining the PUML team and evolving our current products to help combat a real world problem. Together, we firmly believe that our proposition will empower all of societies stakeholders to take a share in supporting the health and fitness of others in a way that benefits all parties.”

Society as a whole is becoming increasing alarmed by obesity and its associated health effects. If we continue on this trajectory, the global cost of treating ill health due to obesity is set to cost $1.2tn from 2025. Sedentary lifestyles, dependence on convenience foods and lack of exercise are leading to a healthcare system crisis. There is a growing recognition that increased funding is needed to address the problem, aimed at prevention as well as cure. PUML’s technology aims to be part of the solution.


Zippy is an app based loyalty solution that verifies customer visits by using QR code technology, which are rewarded with points that can be redeemed for rewards.